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What is H.A.A.R.P?

HAARP stands for The High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program. The goal of this program is to further advance our knowledge of the physical and electrical properties of the Earth's ionosphere which can affect our military and civilian communication and navigation systems. The HAARP program operates a world-class ionospheric research facility located in Gakona, Alaska.

Since this top secret project was exposed a few years ago, the government has attempted to propagandize all reports concerning HAARP and cover up the real horrors this ultra-advanced apparatus is capable of. As much as possible, I will attempt to avoid a long, technical and boring explanation of how it all works and get to the nuts and bolts of the matter.

HAARP is capable of blasting a super-charged, high frequency radio wave into the earth's atmosphere. This controllable [?] radio wave is so powerful and electromagnetically charged that it can actually lift the ionosphere while simultaneously heating it! The ionosphere is an electromagnetically charged shield that surrounds the earth's upper atmosphere. The ionosphere (ozone layer) protects the earth from deadly radiation and spikes emitted by the sun.

Even though there are several technologically advanced nations that have similar projects, the American "Big Blaster" in Alaska is the most powerful of them all. HAARP has been able to achieve such unprecedented high radio frequency blasts that all of it's,effects are not yet known. The government and military propaganda machine has neglected to tell the true story about HAARP. In their official reporting, they cite advanced HAARP communications capabilities for our military as a positive mechanism for national security. HAARP has the capability of being able to knock out all enemy communication systems with ultra-high frequency radio waves while simultaneously allowing our military to use these same destructive frequencies for it's own communications.

What is the name of this research facility?

The facility is called the HAARP Research Station, Gakona.

Who built the HAARP facility?

The prime contractor for construction at the facility was BAE Systems, Advanced Technology (BAE/AT). Major construction at the facility was completed during 2007.

When did the HAARP program start?

The HAARP program began in 1990.

Where is the HAARP facility located?

The HAARP Research Station is located 180 miles ENE of Anchorage, Alaska and approximately 8 miles north of Gakona, Alaska.

What are the geographic coordinates of the facility?

The facility is located at:

62 deg 23.5 min North Latitude
145 deg 8.8 min West Longitude


What HAARP Is.. And Everything Its Used For..

In Depth Documentary On HAARP and Everything Its Used For. This is an Amazing Documentary.



     (IRI) Ionospheric Research Instrument

3.6 Megawatt Effective Radiated Power (official)

The following listing shows the scientific instruments currently in operation, either at the HAARP Research Station or off-site:

Basically, the IRI is what is known as a phased array transmitter. It is designed to transmit a narrow beam of high power radio signals in the 2.8 to 10 MHz frequency range. Its antenna is built on a gravel pad having dimensions of 1000′ x 1200′ (about 33 acres). There are 180 towers, 72′ in height mounted on thermopiles spaced 80′ apart in a 12 x 15 rectangular grid. Each tower supports near its top, two pairs of crossed dipole antennas, one for the low band (2.8 to 8.3 MHz), the other for the high band (7 to 10 MHz). The antenna system is surrounded by an exclusion fence to prevent possible damage to the antenna towers or harm to large animals. An elevated ground screen, attached to the towers at the 15′ level, acts as a reflector for the antenna array while allowing vehicular access underneath to 30 environmentally-controlled transmitter shelters spaced throughout the array. Each shelter contains 6 pairs of 10 kW transmitters, for a total of 6 x 30 x 2 x 10 kW = 3600 kW available for transmission. The transmitters can be switched to drive either the low or high band antennas. Electric prime power is provided from an on-site power plant housing five, 2500 kW generators, each driven by a 3600 hp diesel engine. Four generators are required for operation of the IRI and the fifth is held as a spare. From a control room within the Operations Center, the transmission from each of the 180 crossed-dipole antennas is adjusted in a precise manner under computer control. In this manner, the complete array of antennas forms a narrow antenna pattern pointed upward toward the ionosphere. The transmitted signal diverges (spreads out) as it travels upward and is partially absorbed, at an altitude which depends on the transmitted HF frequency, in a small volume several tens of miles in diameter and a few hundred meters thick directly over the facility. The remainder of the transmitted signal either reflects back toward the earth or passes through the ionosphere into space, continuing to diverge as it does so. By the time it reaches the ionosphere, the intensity of the HF signal is less than 3 micro watts (0.000003 watt) per cm2, thousands of times less than the Sun’s natural electromagnetic radiation reaching the earth and hundreds of times less, even, than the variations in intensity of the Sun’s natural ultraviolet (UV) energy which creates the ionosphere.



 Inside view of trailer in image above:

Modular UHF Ionospheric Radar (446 MHz, 512 elements)


  • All sky riometer

  • Imaging riometer 8 X 8 Array

  • Fluxgate Magnetometer

  • Induction Magnetometer

  • All-sky imagers

  • Computer Controlled Telescopic imager


Optical Shelters and 14 ft Dome


Tomography Chain (150/400 MHz satellite receivers) Cordova -> KaktovikVHF Radar (139 MHz) VHF Radar (139 MHz)


  • Ionospheric Scintillation Receivers

  • SATSIN (Chistochina/Nebesna)


  • Total Electron Content

  • Radio Background Receivers

  • Multiple Off-site Broadband ELF/VLF Receivers

  • SEE Receiver string

  • HF – UHF Spectrum Monitor

  • HF 2-30 MHz High Angle Receiving Antenna

Aircraft Alert Radar

 HAARP Research Building

And inside that building is…Research Control Room – aka “Death Star 1″

 Diagnostic Instrument Display Area


 Haarp’s Mission

The heart of the High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program is an ionospheric heater that shoots electromagnetic energy into Earth’s atmosphere. Five generators pump out 2.9 megawatts each; 180 antennas convert the electricity into high-frequency radio waves and send them into the ionosphere, which turns them into low-frequency waves. Why? Research. An energized ionosphere could be used for all sorts of cool stuff.

Haarp can bounce signals off the ionosphere with wavelengths long enough to penetrate deep into the ocean and communicate with submarines.

Researchers are testing whether ionospheric waves could nudge H-bomb-generated electrons out of the magnetosphere, shielding orbiting satellites.

Atmospheric Research
At about 125 miles up, Haarp’s waves can energize free electrons, which collide with neutral atoms to produce a glow like the aurora borealis.

How low-frequency waves are absorbed and reflected by the earth can reveal what’s underneath—including hidden bunkers.


 2025 Technology Abstract – EARTHQUAKE WEAPON

Source: Air Force 2025

This technology abstract is a submittal by the general public. The views
expressed in this abstract are strictly those of the author and do not reflect
the official policy, position, or programs of the United States Air Force,
Department of Defense, or the United States Government.

DISTRIBUTION A. Approved for public release; distribution unlimited.
Document ID: 800062
Technology Abstract Title: Earthquake Weapon

Description: Ultrasonic or acoustic weapon to destroy runways, buildings, bridges. Weapon will generate a very strong acoustic wave that causes structures to resonate, and thereby destroy them. This has the advantage of being a destructive force that is not designed to kill people.

Advantages: Destructive to structures and war-making potential, but does not directly threaten people.

Challenges: How to generate a strong enough acoustic field.

Countermeasures: Acoustic wave cancellation methods (generate a wave out of phase with the weapon) standard earthquake protection methods, such as flexible structures, truss designs, reinforced materials.

Possible Applications:
Destruction of structures
Attacking hardened, hidden structures.
Airfield interdiction (destroy runways)
Civilian application: demolition.


Technology Areas:
Directed Energy and Kinetic Energy Systems Technology (PRIMARY)
Munitions Devices and Energetic Materials Technology
Survivability and Hardening Technology

“So you’re telling me they can make earthquakes, yeah right.”
Don’t take my word for it:

“Others are engaging even in an eco- type of terrorism whereby they can alter the climate, set off earthquakes, volcanoes remotely through the use of electromagnetic waves.”
“So there are plenty of ingenious minds out there that are at work finding ways in which they can wreak terror upon other nations. It’s real, and that’s the reason why we have to intensify our efforts, and that’s why this is so important.”
US. Secretary of Defense Cohen



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 New NASA research points to possible HAARP connection in Japan earthquake, tsunami


Recent data released by Dimitar Ouzounov and colleagues from the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center in Maryland highlights some strange atmospheric anomalies over Japan just days before the massive earthquake and tsunami struck on March 11. Seemingly inexplicable and rapid heating of the ionosphere directly above the epicenter reached a maximum only three days prior to the quake, according to satellite observations, suggesting that directed energy emitted from transmitters used in the High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP) may have been responsible for inducing the quake.

Published in the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) publication Technology Review, the findings are presented alongside a different theory called Lithosphere-Atmosphere-Ionosphere Coupling, which hypothesizes that the heating in the ionosphere may have been caused by the impending earthquake as the fault line released radioactive radon. This theory, of course, is not actually proven, but is instead presented as a possible explanation for the presence of the high-density electrons and emitted infrared radiation that was observed.

Another explanation for this strange heating — and one that, upon analysis, seems much more likely — is that it was an indication that concentrated energy was used to induce the earthquake, and not the other way around. Numerous credible reports and scientific observations reveal that HAARP technology is fully capable of being used as a scalar weapon, meaning it can emit strong electromagnetic pulse bombs that can alter weather or trigger seismic fault lines.


A casual glance at the graphics presented as part of Ouzounov’s researchdata shows near-perfect heat rings present above the epicenter of the quake. If radon emissions from the fault line were truly responsible for creating these heat zones, they would more than likely have had irregular, scattered appearances, rather than concentric circles. This anomaly by itself debunks the theory that the impending earthquake caused the heat patterns.Also, readings from the HAARP Induction Magnetometer, which visualizes the frequency spectrum of signals detected in the earth’s geomagnetic field, show that a steady, ultra-low frequency (ULF) of roughly 2.5 Hz was being broadcast days before the earthquake. The 2.5 Hz ULF happens to be the exact same frequency as the naturalresonance produced by an earthquake — and since there were no constant earthquakes occurring on the days before the quake as the HAARP Induction Magnetometer appeared to indicate, the logical conclusion is that the signal was being broadcast to induce the quake (

Some would argue that HAARP is not capable of producing such frequencies, especially at the power levels that would be required to induce a massive earthquake like the 9.0+ that occurred in Japan. But testimony by various governments says otherwise.On April 28, 1997, then US Secretary of Defense William S. Cohen gave an important keynote address at the Conference on Terrorism, Weapons of Mass Destruction, and US Strategy at the University of Georgia in Athens. When asked a question about terrorism, Cohen had this to say as part of his response about the type of technology that existed, even back then:“Others are engaging even in an eco-type terrorism whereby they can alter the climate, set off earthquakes, volcanoes remotely through the use of electromagnetic waves” (

This admission counters the claims made by some that no such technology exists, and that it is impossible to create seismic activity using directed energy. Clearly the technology has been around for a while, and the notion of it being used as a weapon is anything but a baseless conspiracy theory.


Simulations of ELF radiation generated by heating the high-latitude D- regionSource:

“By modulating the ambient current flowing in the ionosphere, e.g., the auroral electrojet, it is possible to generate extremely low frequency (ELF) and very low frequency (VLF) radiation. This ionospheric modification technique can provide such waves for probing both the Earth and the ionosphere- magnetosphere. The modification occurs in the lower D-region and can provide information about the ambient conditions in one of the least diagnosed regions of the ionosphere.

The electrojet is modulated by using a high frequency heater (a few MHZ) with the power modulated at the desired ELF/VLF frequency to heat the ionospheric electrons in the lower D-region. Figure 1a shows a sketch of the heater and heated region. The heated region is typically at 75 km (though this depends upon the carrier frequency) and can be 30 km in diameter and a few km thick. Viewed from above (see Figure 1b) the heated region is a roughly circular patch. The smoothness of the heated region depends upon the antenna radiation pattern as well as D-region conditions. The heating increases the electron-neutral collision rate which changes the conductivities. Since on ELF time scales the ambient electric field is constant, modulating the conductivity produces a current modulated at the same frequency. At these altitudes the conductivity change is predominantly in the Hall conductivity. If the ambient electric field, E, is in ±y direction, a time varying current perturbation is generated, j, in the ±x direction (Fig. 1b). The time varying current launches waves both up and down the Earth’s magnetic field. In the simulations shown here, we start with a time-varying current and study the downward propagating waves and how they couple into the Earth-ionospheric wave guide.”



The 450 meter tall Omega mast at Darriman, Victoria, is perhaps the largest
US top secret military project hidden in the open, carefully disguised as a
vaguely inaccurate navigation transmitter dedicated to the worthy cause of
maritime emergency services. In reality Omega is an extremely accurate,
strategic navigation system emitting an electromagnetic field so powerful it
poses a health threat to Australian citizens in Victoria and beyond.

The introduction of Omega to Australia took the US government 13 years to
complete. The Victorian transmitter was the last of eight worldwide stations
to begin transmitting during late 1982. US strategy was to deceive the
Australian government and people alike with disinformation aimed at proving
the Omega system was not accurate enough to be used as an aid to nuclear
ballistic missile submarines.

The implication was obvious: if the system was not accurate enough for
ballistic submarine use, then what were people making such a fuss about? The
strategy worked, and opposition to the Omega network died down from strident calls to stop construction during the 1970s to muted, puzzled acceptance in the late 1980s.
The deception that Omega was simply too inaccurate for use by US forces was pivotal in allowing the Victorian station to start transmitting.


 The US declared Omega was accurate only to one or two kilometers, then
proceeded to encourage the sale of small (inaccurate) Omega navigation
receivers to fishing and pleasure boats alike. True to US declarations,
these ``single frequency'' receivers provided a fix accurate only to within
one or two kilometers. Hundreds of Australian mariners confirmed the
distorted US claim of limited accuracy.

In order to obtain a navigation fix from a ``hyperbolic'' system like Omega,
the vessel must obtain signals from three different transmitters. For
example, a vessel offshore Western Australia would receive signals from the
stations located in East Gippsland, Tsushima in Japan and La Reunion in the
western Indian Ocean.

The calculated US illusion lay in the fact the small Omega receivers had
access to only one of the five available frequencies transmitted in sequence
by each of those three transmitters. This meant that an ambiguity could
creep in every half wave length, or approximately 13 kilometers.

For important US military aircraft, submarines and fighting ships, an
entirely different receiver was provided, initially with three frequencies
and then with up to five. The addition of the second frequency reduced the
error to once every 38 kilometers, the third frequency to once every 115
kilometers, the fourth frequency to once every 350 kilometers and the fifth
to once every 1050 kilometers.

Equipped with special five-frequency receivers, US military aircraft,
submarines and fighting ships can therefore plot their positions with a
theoretical accuracy of one meter.

For the US government, the only remaining task was reinforcing public
opinion that Omega really was a bit of a $50 million overkill entirely
unsuited for strategic use. The answer was simple: hide the facility in the
open, pat visitors indulgently on the head and hand out bumper stickers.

Such techniques, normally referred to as ``reverse security'', have been
common in Europe for years, where population density is so high that most
installations cannot be surrounded night and day by packs of ravenous killer
dogs and guards armed with sub-machine guns.


Why should the US go to such lengths to install the transmitter at all? At
first glance, it seems that satellites of the GPS variety would be perfectly
adequate for all military usage.

Radio signals from position-fixing satellites cannot penetrate the surface
of the water, so ballistic missile submarines in particular need to surface
in order to receive signals. By comparison, the Omega signals penetrate not
only water but also sea ice to at least 15 meters, making the very risky
business of surfacing completely unnecessary.

Perhaps more importantly, during a thermonuclear war all transistorized
circuits in the navigation satellites would be burned out by electromagnetic
pulses emitted by thermonuclear weapons exploding in the stratosphere,
rendering the satellites utterly useless. The very low frequency (VLF)
transmissions of Omega would be almost completely unaffected by the
holocaust and a retaliatory strike from the Southern Ocean using US Trident
D5 missiles with a range of more than 7000 nautical miles could easily be
achieved. Thus Australia would be dragged unwillingly into a northern
hemisphere superpower thermonuclear war.

As a critical command, control and communications (C3) facility for the US
nuclear ballistic submarine fleet, the Omega station in Victoria is
undoubtedly targeted by at least two Russian multi-megaton warheads riding
on independently launched missiles.

Darriman, Victoria AUSTRALIA

38°28'23.15"S 146°56'2.11"E

38°28'23.15"S 146°56'2.11"E


 High power

The US government also forgot to mention another long-term hazard associated
with the transmitter: the effect of electromagnetic pollution on
A 1978 Australian document describes the power of the Omega signal as 10 kW,
``about the same as a typical ABC broadcasting station''. Unfortunately the
US government had been lying through its hind teeth, and the environmental
impact statement was fraudulent due to the inaccurate information provided.

The power input to the Omega station is shown in a 1978 Australian document
as consisting of two 450 kW transformers drawing power from a dedicated
substation fed by the national grid, backed up by a huge 750 kW stand-by
generator driven by a V12 diesel. All this to transmit ``a radio signal of
10 kW in power''?

Of course not. The Omega station transmits in two modes at the same time:
the first a weak 10,000 watt sky-wave signal from the top of the mast, and
the second an incredibly powerful ground-wave the US government forgot to
mention which pumps another 500,000 watts out through the earth, via giant
buried copper aerials radiating out around the base of the mast every 10
degrees for a distance of 1100 feet each.
The ground-wave mode is of special interest to ballistic missile submarines
because, unlike the sky-wave, it has no inherent ambiguities.

It should be noted that one of the declared primary requirements for the
Omega site was ``high soil conductivity'' - the ability of the ground to
transmit electromagnetic fields for long distances. East Gippsland soil is
highly conductive all the way to Melbourne and beyond. Last year a radio
expert living more than 100 km from the transmitter detected an ``earth''
electrical potential so strong he was able to listen to Omega's ground-wave
pulses by plugging his high impedance headphones directly into the dirt of
his back garden.

At the entrance to the user-friendly transmitter site in East Gippsland a
large sign flanked by pretty gardens declares: ``Australian Maritime Safety
Authority Welcomes Visitors to the Omega Navigation Facility''. But if a
visitor tries to stray beyond the building to take closer pictures of the
huge aerial, the response is: ``Sorry, it's too hot out there'' - a direct
reference to radio frequency burns that would be suffered by anyone unwise
enough to trample across hidden copper earth aerials pumping out half a
million watts.


There is a very real danger to the people of Victoria from the massive
ground-wave traveling through that state's highly conductive soil. Dr
Robert Becker, MD, an expert of great renown in the specialized field of
electromagnetic pollution and twice a Nobel Prize nominee, has published
alarming information about increased incidence of cancer, cataracts,
developmental defects, genetic effects and mental illness due to powerful
electromagnetic fields emitted by low frequency transmitters, allied
equipment and systems.

Becker in his book Cross Currents made the following general observation:
``All abnormal, man-made electromagnetic fields, regardless of their
frequencies, produce the same biological effects. These effects ... deviate
from normal functions and are actually or potentially harmful.''

Omega has been transmitting continuously for at least 10 years. Health
statistics in Victoria need to be compared with others in New South Wales
and Queensland on a ``before'' and ``after'' basis, especially within 700
kilometers of the Omega transmitter. Statistics are already revealing an
increase in the incidence of Victorian cancers over those in Western
Australia, but a lot more work needs to be done in order to establish the
actual level of danger. Many forms of cancer take up to 15 years to appear,
and by then it may be too late to save some of the people affected.

It is currently unknown what levels of electromagnetic pollution the other
large bases at Pine Gap and Nurrungar may be generating, but it seems
unlikely there will be any noticeable concern about Australian public health
on the part of the US government.

OMEGA stations

There were nine Omega stations in total:

Bratland Omega Transmitter

Bratland Omega Transmitter (station A - 66.42083333°N 13.15055556°E) situated near Aldra was the only European Omega transmitter. It used a very unusual antenna, which consisted of several wires spun over a fjord between two concrete anchor blocks 3500 meters apart, one situated at 66°25′27″N 13°10′1″E and 66°24′53″N 13°05′19″E. One of these blocks was situated on the mainland of Norway and the other on Aldra island. The antenna was dismantled in 2002.

Trinidad Omega Transmitter

Trinidad Omega Transmitter (station B until 1976, replaced by station in Paynesville, Liberia) situated in Trinidad (at 10.69938°N 61.638708°W) used as antenna a wire span over a valley. Its buildings are still there.

Paynesville Omega Transmitter

Paynesville Omega Transmitter (station B - 6.305509°N 10.662206°W) was inaugurated in 1976 and used as radio antenna an umbrella aerial mounted on a 417 meter tall grounded guyed mast of lattice steel, which was the tallest structure ever built in Africa. The station was turned over to the government of Liberia after the termination of the Omega Navigation System on September 30, 1997. Access to the tower was unrestricted and it was possible to climb the abandoned mast until it was demolished years later on May 10, 2011. The area occupied by the transmitter is to be used for the construction of a modern market complex that will provide additional space for local marketers and reduce congestion at Paynesville's Red Light Market, Liberia's largest food market.

Height 417 m (1,368.11 ft)

Kaneohe Omega Transmitter

Kaneohe Omega Transmitter (station C - 21.404700°N 157.830822°W) was one of the two stations operated by the USCG. It was inaugurated in 1943 as VLF-transmitter for submarine communication and used as antenna a wire span over Haiku Valley. At the end of the sixties it was transformed into a transmitter for the OMEGA Navigation System.

La Moure Omega Transmitter

La Moure Omega Transmitter (station D) situated near La Moure, North Dakota, USA at 46.365944°N 98.335617°W) was the other station operated by the USCG. It used a 365.25 metre tall guyed mast as an antenna, which is insulated against ground. Since the shutdown of the Omega Navigation System, it is used for VLF transmissions to submarines.

Height 365.25 m (1,198.33 ft)

Chabrier Omega Transmitter

Chabrier Omega Transmitter (station E ) near Chabrier on Réunion at 20.974139°S 55.289894°E) used an umbrella antenna, which was installed on a 428-metre tall grounded guyed mast. The mast was demolished on April 14, 1999 by explosives.

Trelew Omega Transmitter

Omega Tower, Tsushima

Shushi-Wan Omega Transmitter (station H) situated near Shushi-Wan on Tsushima Island at 34.614739°N 129.453644°E) used as its antenna, a 389-metre tall tubular steel mast, insulated against ground. This mast, which was built in 1973 and which was the tallest structure in Japan (and perhaps the tallest tubular steel mast ever built) was dismantled in 1998 by crane. On its former site, an approximately 8 metre-tall memorial consisting of the mast base (without the insulator) and a segment was built. On the site of the former helix building there is now a playground.



HAARP And How Fukushima Radiation Beamed Down To Australia

HAARP And How Fukushima Radiation Beamed Down To Australia

By Yoichi Shimatsu

Former General Editor – The Japan Times Weekly World Exclusive – Links Encouraged 1-18-12

The oddity of an eight-fold rise in radiation levels on the Caloundra Peninsula in southeast Australia, as reported in the South Coast Daily, defies logic since nuclear particles should have been diluted and more evenly spread after traversing the distance of 8,000 kilometers (5,000 miles) from Japan.

Nuclear dust out of Fukushima actually travels over a much longer span before reaching Down Under, circling the globe several times and swirling madly due to air resistance to the Earth’s rotation.

Since a radiation spike near Brisbane cannot be explained by the normal laws of geophysics, the hot particles from Fukushima must have taken a short cut between the northern and southern hemispheres.

In fact, a fast track does exist, an alternative route via an “artificial radiation belt” arching through the upper atmosphere from Alaska to Australia. Devised under a U.S. Navy program that started in 1957, the ‘sky bridge’ is composed of fast-moving super-charged protons trapped inside a field line or ‘ring current’…a part of the Earth’s natural electromagnetic field.

The artificial beltway of ions is periodically recharged by the antennae array in Gakona, Alaska, known as HAARP, short for High-Altitude Auroral Research Project. After a half-century of official silence about the program, Pentagon has recently acknowledged its creation as an anti-missile shield in a 2010 report from Defense Threat Reduction Agency.

The report confirms that, under orders from the Eisenhower administration, the Pentagon and U.S. intelligence agencies created least two such electromagnetic arches in 1958 by detonating nuclear warheads at high-altitude:

Operation Hardtack, a series of 35 nuclear tests that included four successive high-altitude atomic explosions over Johnson Atoll in the Pacific, later supplemented by the Alaskan HAARP facility; and Operation Argus, a series of covert rocket-launched nuclear blasts over the South Atlantic, later refreshed by HAARP stations in Thule Airbase, Greenland, and the EISCAT array in Tromso, Norway.

These top-secret operations were intended to form shields of high-energy protons against Soviet ballistic missiles on the flanks of the North American continent. In early January this year, the ring current over the Pacific inadvertently served as a conduit for huge dosages of cesium, strontium and other radioactive protons to be transported into distant Australia. This “accidental” hijacking of HAARP, if repeated, could lead to the extinction of living creatures across Oceania and Southern Africa.

Beyond the Beach

Stanley Kramer’s classic film “On the Beach” (1959), depicting the end of human life following a nuclear war, assumed that it would take five months for radiation from north of the Equator to reach the last survivors in Australia. The script, based on a novel by Neville Shute, was much too optimistic. Fallout from the March 11 meltdown at Fukushima No.1 nuclear plant landed over Oceania within five weeks.

Even that is a snail’s pace compared with riding the HAARP-assisted electromagnetic field line.  Following the New Years earthquake in Japan, much more concentrated dosages of Fukushima particles were measured in Australia in a mere five days.  What a difference technology makes! The cast of “On the Beach” ­ Gregory Peck, Ava Gardner and Anthony Perkins ­ would have thought a sky bridge to be a fantasy out of science fiction, even though it was created just a year before the movie’s release.

Today, five decades later, there are still educated people who refuse to comprehend the pervasiveness of electromagnetic technology in contemporary society, even though they use mobile phones, watch television, switch off their digital devices aboard airplanes, and put their bodies through scanners.

Some of these know-nothings are editors and producers with news media, who consider HAARP to be the wild imaginings of conspiracy theorists. Why bother to take on the difficulties of understanding a complex technology when blissful ignorance is far less troubling?

The Greek Paperclip

The theoretic outline for creating an electromagnetic sky bridge is credited to an electrical engineer named Nicholas Constantine Christofilos (the surname in Greek means “the love of Christ”). His official biography from his chief employer, the Lawrence Livermore Laboratory, contains obvious inconsistencies. Born in Boston in 1916, he was educated at a technical school in Greece, where he remained throughout the Axis occupation (1941-45), a rather curious choice for an American citizen.

Under the Nazi occupation, Christofilos ran an elevator business, according to the official record. This out-of-character career sounds much like a cavalier cover story concocted by an OSS officer, since Athens was then a low-rise city of walk-up flats, and largely still remains so today. Its first office tower, requiring lifts, wasn’t constructed until 1971.

During the war years, the Greek “elevator engineer” focused on the German theories on particle physics or Deutsche Physik, presumably based on the papers of Werner Heisenberg, Paul Harteck and Erik Schumann. Much of this strategic field was, however, a well-kept secret under the Nazi-sponsored Uranprojekt.

Under the auspices of unnamed benefactors at war’s end, Christofilos was soon working for Livermore Lab on high-energy particle physics. In 1957, he proposed the creation of artificial radiation belts over the ocean, even though the natural Van Allen belts were not discovered until the following year by Explorer 1, the first American satellite launch. Within a year, the Navy was implementing his plan.

Christophilos served as chief scientist for the Operation Argus blasts in the South Atlantic in 1958, but apparently not over the larger Hardtack test series in the Pacific. It is hard to fathom why the Navy would name its nuclear extravaganza after the pasty-tasting dry biscuit fed to sailors. Hardtack does have striking similarity to the surname of Paul Harteck, the physicist who headed the German military’s atom bomb program during World War II.

There is a strong possibility that Christophilos was writing proposals to the Navy on behalf of the German physicists he so admired, probably with the quiet approval of their American supervisors from the Paperclip program, which had smuggled German scientists to the West.

The launch of Sputnik on October 4, 1957, triggered a frenzied scientific rivalry ­ along with a missile duel ­ between the U.S. and USSR.  The Joint Chiefs had no choice but to give a blank check to rocket scientist Werner von Braun. The rapid deployment of the missile shield indicated that Harteck’s disciples were probably also given every incentive to roll out their esoteric technologies.

Operation Hardtack comprised a variety of nuclear tests, 35 in total. Three high-altitude blasts over Johnson Atoll were related to the Christophilos proposal:

Yucca ­ a balloon-lifted device exploded in the lower stratosphere (15 miles up)

Teak ­ 1.9 megaton warhead aboard a Redstone rocket into the mesosphere (45 miles)

Orange ­ 1.9 megaton aboard a Redstone, detonated at upper stratosphere (25 miles)

After the successful experiments to create artificial radiation belts, Christophilos was invited by the CIA to join the JASON group of military-related scientists.

Spiraling Protons

The Hardtack and Argus shields are created with captured high-energy protons from nuclear fission or from the splitting of neutrons by cosmic rays below the stratosphere. The protons are reflected at the edges of the existing (natural) electromagnetic field line, spiraling along the entire arc. While some protons are lost in transit or at the terminus over land, most simply bounce back in the opposite direction, volleying back and forth between the polar regions like ping pong balls.

Starting in troposphere, the field line then arcs out to a turning point 150 miles over the Equator, before descending to the terminus, much like a rainbow. The arc does not move along a north-south longitudinal line, but instead follows the slanting magnetic axis between the magnetic poles, which are skewed away from the Earth’s rotational axis. The path is not quite a straight line as on a flat map since the Earth’s curvature also has to be taken into account.

Connect the Dots – Made in Fukushima

The alignment of HAARP with the Pacific Ring current in January results in roughly the following longitudinal positions:
HAARP facility, Gakona, Alaska ­ 172 degrees E

Johnson Atoll ­ 169 E

Caloundra-Brisbane ­ 153 E

With a short step back in time, it can be inferred that a meltdown started soon after the January 1 Izu Earthquake, after damage was done to the cooling pools for the spent fuel rods atop Reactor 4. At some point between January 6 and 9, the heat was intense enough to trigger the release of a large burst of electrons from the melting fuel rods.

The lightweight negative-charged electrons were propelled northeastward by the Earth’s rotation and the jet stream. After traversing Alaska, some of those electrons were captured over the HAARP range, feeding into the electromagnetic sky bridge.

The heavier and slower protons, partly stripped of their electron shells, chased after the speedy negative charges and were thus also sucked up into the sky bridge. Within a few days, the remnant ionic charges over the Anchorage-Valdez-Fairbanks triangle were equalized, and the flow of protons into the sky bridge slowed dramatically. The radioactive particles resumed their movement toward negative-charged magnetic North Pole, ripping down the protective ozone layer.

At the other end of the Rainbow Bridge, heavier protons dropped out over land in Australia. Since land masses and protons carry a positive charge, magnetic repellance slowed their descent and spread the radiation over a wide area. Nonetheless, the concentration of radioactive protons was significant, measuring 8 times higher than normal readings for the isolated region.

While a significant dose was delivered for a relatively short period, the threat remains for more radiation fast-tracking to Australia if Fukushima experiences more flash events. The fact that a surprising amount of radiation showed up in Australia so quickly, it can also be surmised that the meltdown of spent fuel rods at Reactor 4 was intense.

Indeed, local residents reported that the Fukushima plant was evacuated in the first week of January. The Australian spike is showing that the Japanese government and nuclear-plant operator Tepco are being dishonest in claiming a cold shutdown at Fukushima when, in fact, the nuclear plant is undergoing a new crisis.

Meanwhile, the U.S. government has never issued a risk assessment on its high-altitude anti-missile shields, which include:

- the threat of cancer due to fallout from nuclear explosions in the stratosphere;

- adverse effects on the Earth’s electromagnetic field, which protects the atmosphere;

- loses of satellites and destruction of property on the ground; and

- financial losses from program failure due with anti-radiation cloaking of missiles,

Aum on the Range

Sixteen years ago, this writer warned about the dangers of electromagnetic warfare technology, but governments, communities and the press refused to take heed, preferring the comfort of falsehood. Today, those esoteric weapons systems are threatening the immediate future of the population that they were supposed to protect. The real enemy is not some robotic military force abroad; rather it is human laxity, ignorance and fear that have led to reliance on flawed technologies for security.

Knowledgeable figures, including retired Senator Sam Nunn (now head of the Nuclear Threat Initiative), concurred with the 1995 investigative journalism of this editor and his Japan Times Weekly reporting team that the Aum Shinrikyo sect was conducting research into “seismic induction” with long-frequency radio waves. At a Senate Armed Services committee hearing, Nunn himself warned of terrorists producing or hijacking earthquake-triggering weapons.

The investigative trail led from the Tokyo subway gassing to Kalgoorie, Western Australia, where Aum scientists had established a research ranch in the early 1990s. Upon arrival at the dusty sheep station in the early 1990s, the Aum team members immediately began to take readings of the ground current. At the time, the Pentagon and the Australian Air Force was conducting secret tests of electromagnetic weapons at the nearby Jindalee Test Range. These were being tracked and observed by Aum.

The end results of HAARP’s long-distance effects were spectacular. From Australian scientists, I received photos of light sabers and luminous crosses in clear blue skies. The capper, however, was a nuclear-scale blast that destroyed a gold mine, apparently caused by an electromagnetic strike.  HAARP was no longer a defensive missile shield, it was being transformed into an instrument of international aggression.

Our series of interviews of Aum cadres, including their local convert ­ a former member of the esoteric Sukyo Mahikari apolyptic sect ­ pointed to official collaboration between high-level sponsors in the governments of Japan and Australia. The elite supporters of Aum included local politicians benefiting from Gold Coast investments by the Anzen-Kyowa finance company along with wealthy Australians from Bond University and “super-rich circles of Perth,” some of them associates of Adnan Kashoggi, the arms dealer who ran the Iran-Contra scheme.

The real estate agent who acquired the Kalgoorie ranch for Aum was married to an officer with the rank of major in the Australian Defence Intelligence service. In the wake of the Tokyo subway gassing, the Australian military and police launched a massive cover-up to hide their links with the sect. A mysterious team in white safety suits flew into Kalgoorie to plant fake evidence of “sarin experiments” on sheep. (Sarin was never used inside the Tokyo subways, according the Self-Defense Force team that initially entered the underground. Based on their American-made detectors, mustard gas was the primary toxin. The Japan Times Weekly was the only press to ever interview the SDF on the gassing incident. The rest of the media hid their heads like ostriches.)

What the Canberra government and the Pentagon were then hiding, of course, were their catastrophic experiments with HAARP technology as a geophysical weapon of mass destruction, triggering earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, large blasts, intense fires and psychological impairment.  The Japanese intelligence service took a strong interest in this new generation of super-weapons, which could be guised as natural phenomena, and dispatched Aum to Australia on an espionage mission.

Hideo Murai, Aum’s chief scientist and astrophysicist, told Weekly reporters that the April 1995 Kobe-Hanshin Earthquake had been triggered by an “earthquake machine” based on a HAARP system operated by an unnamed “foreign power.” Initially, his claim seemed a bit crazed, but coming from someone with a higher IQ than Albert Einstein’s, we checked his veracity versus the existing record. In interviews with top seismologists, I learned that “curious readings” were measured in the ionosphere above Kobe for a period of “six months before the quake.”

The U.S. Patent Office had on file the early design for HAARP by Bernard Eastlund, then chief scientist with ARCO (Atlantic Richfield Oil Company). Eastlund aimed to burn gas from Alaskan oilfields to generate electricity and transfer that energy to California via an electromagnetic beam. For any remaining skeptics, consider how electricity is being transported by microwave.

On the week that I published the findings, Murai was murdered in front of television cameras by a knife-wielding rightist Korean gangster. Obviously, Western governments ordered a summary execution to be televised live over the evening news to encourage journalists from any further investigation. Despite threats and shooting deaths, our team continued to pursue those responsible, resulting in the prosecution of high-level politicians and their kin involve in the formation of Aum Shinrikyo as an international arms-purchasing front following the collapse of the Soviet Union. The entire story is far too convoluted to be discussed here.

I am describing these background events now for several reasons: first, to show the factual basis for the criminal uses of HAARP technology; second, to assign responsibility for the deaths of 6,000 victims of the Kobe quake and many other EM-related incidents; and, third, to send a signal to the White House staff, the CIA and Pentagon that their attempts to suppress the facts, including shooting the messengers, have failed and will continue to fail.

The truth will prevail.   – Yoichi Shimatsu


H.a.a.r.p ring over katherin normally when we see these occur we do have extreme weather changes within a 24 48hrs due to VLF and or UHF. Also to all those living on the west coast of Western Australia keep listening to the radio or tv for up dates on cyclone Heidi especially those in the Pilbara region the cyclone is due to cross the coast over night.

UP DATE ON HEIDI: Residents in Western Australia's Pilbara region are being warned to prepare for Cyclone Heidi which is due to cross the coast overnight.
The category one system, which is intensifying, is expected to hit the coast very close to Port Hedland and track southwest past Karratha, two of the state's major resource hubs.
The weather bureau says Cyclone Heidi could intensify to a category two just before landfall, and there will be destructive winds with gusts of up to 155 kilometres per hour.

It is also warning that between 100 to 250 millimetres of rain could fall across the central and eastern Pilbara.
The bureau's Joe Courtney says residents have a bit of time to prepare.
A blue alert has been issued for people in or near the coast, including Pardoo, Port Hedland, South Hedland, Roebourne, Port Samson, Karratha, Dampier and Mardie.
They are being told to organise an emergency kit including first aid, portable radio, spare batteries, food and water.
Heavy rain and flash flooding has already forced road closures in the central and eastern Pilbara, as well as the town of Port Hedland.



 DBZ = Is a unit that measures how reflective a group of clouds is to radar from weather satellites. Generally, the higher the dBZ, the more severe the weather (in terms of rain, sleet, hail, etc). So in a patch of clouds, the max dBZ would tell you where the most severe weather is.



  DBZ = Is a unit that measures how reflective a group of clouds is to radar from weather satellites. Generally, the higher the dBZ, the more severe the weather (in terms of rain, sleet, hail, etc). So in a patch of clouds, the max dBZ would tell you where the most severe weather is.



Normally when we see these rings we have dramatic changes in weather patterns over the next 24 - 48 hrs. UP DATE: 21.07HRS EST - For people in the Central Tablelands and parts of the Hunter, North West Slopes and Plains, Central West Slopes and Plains and Upper Western. Severe thunderstorms are likely to produce large hailstones, very heavy rainfall, flash flooding and damaging winds in the warning area over the next several hours. Locations which may be affected include Orange, Bathurst, Gunnedah, Narrabri, Walgett and Lightning Ridge. Also the latest from Namoi Weather Radar Loop is showing black cells meaning extreme winds, hail and rain for those in the region please be alert over the next few hours.

UP DATE:12.40 ESTSevere thunderstorms have struck the Central West Slopes and Plains district of New South Wales this evening, with torrential downpours and damaging wind gusts of over 100km/h. A 104km/h wind gust was recorded at Coonabarabran at around 7pm, along with 13mm of rain in 10 minutes. Parkes recorded a whopping 22mm of rain in the space of 10 minutes. To put this into context, Parkes on average receives 63mm for the whole of January, so this is a third of this monthly average in a 10-minute period. Rainfall of this intensity will have caused flash flooding, while the wind gusts of over 100km/h would of been strong enough to bring down trees and cause damage to property. A 'Severe Thunderstorm Warning' remains in place for much of central and northern NSW




  DBZ = Is a unit that measures how reflective a group of clouds is to radar from weather satellites. Generally, the higher the dBZ, the more severe the weather (in terms of rain, sleet, hail, etc). So in a patch of clouds, the max dBZ would tell you where the most severe weather is.











The station features thirteen tall radio towers. The tallest tower is called Tower Zero and is 387 m (1,270 ft) tall, and was for many years the tallest man-made structure in the Southern Hemisphere. Six towers, each 304 metres tall, are evenly placed in a hexagon around Tower Zero. The other six towers, which are each 364 metres tall, are evenly placed in a larger hexagon around Tower Zero.

Structure Height Location
m ft
Tower 0 387 1,270 21°48′58″S 114°9′55″E
Tower 1 304 997 21°48′35″S 114°9′57″E
Tower 2 304 997 21°48′48″S 114°10′18″E
Tower 3 304 997 21°49′12″S 114°10′16″E
Tower 4 304 997 21°49′23″S 114°9′54″E
Tower 5 304 997 21°49′10″S 114°9′32″E
Tower 6 304 997 21°48′45″S 114°9′33″E
Tower 7 364 1,194 21°48′25″S 114°10′19″E
Tower 8 364 1,194 21°49′1″S 114°10′38″E
Tower 9 364 1,194 21°49′35″S 114°10′14″E
Tower 10 364 1,194 21°49′33″S 114°9′31″E
Tower 11 364 1,194 21°48′56″S 114°9′11″E
Tower 12 364 1,194 21°48′22″S 114°9′35″E



Digisonde is used to calibrate transmissions, which can be used to disarm signals from other country's.


The following map tho a few years old now shows the locations of all the Digisonde around the world. In Australia since 2010 till present more Digisonde have been roll out across the country. These range from stationary to mobile ones which are moved around the country depending where they are required at the time.
Digisonde and HAARP work in conjunction which each other.




Geometric modulation: A more effective method of steerable ELF/VLF
wave generation with continuous HF heating of the lower ionosphere
The following PDF - In essence.. this shows that “they” can send a HF (high frequency) signal into the upper ionosphere with HAARP, and it “transforms” into a ULF ultra low frequency… and vice versa.. a LOW frequency modulates into the HIGH frequency!


  HAARP Sea-Based X-Band Radar (SBX) platform

“The radar (SBX) is so powerful that if it were off the east coast of the United States near Washington, D.C., it would be capable of detecting the motion and rotation of a baseball launched into outer space from the San Francisco area,” according the to the Missile Defense Agency.

 HAARP Sea-Based X-Band Radar (SBX) platform

“The radar (SBX) is so powerful that if it were off the east coast of the United States near Washington, D.C., it would be capable of detecting the motion and rotation of a baseball launched into outer space from the San Francisco area,” according the to the Missile Defense Agency.


DEMETER observations of ELF waves injected with the HAARP HF transmitter

DEMETER IS HAARP'S OWN SATELLITE: Modulated HF heating of the auroral electrojet is used o inject ELF signals into the magnetosphere that are to observed on the low altitude DEMETER spacecraft. The HF heater is a component of the High-Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP) facility in Gakona, Alaska, (located at L  4.9). Simultaneous observations of all six components of the ELF electromagnetic fields on the DEMETER spacecraft are used to estimate the total ELF power radiated downward into the Earth-ionosphere waveguide. ELF signals generated by the HAARP heater are also simultaneously observed at a nearby ground-based site, allowing a comparison of the ELF power in the Earthionosphere waveguide versus that detected on DEMETER. The estimated values of power onboard DEMETER at different frequencies range from 0.32W to 4W, while the values of power estimated from a ground receiver at a distance of 36 km from HAARP range from 2.71W to 4.22W. Citation: Platino, M., U. S. Inan, T. F. Bell, M. Parrot, and E. J. Kennedy (2006), DEMETER observations of ELF waves injected with the HAARP HF transmitter.



 THE STORM. Part 1


  “The storm” — a fictional made for TV action-drama about an Alaska facility that manipulates the weather with ground based stations placed world wide (and in space) — causing a major weather disaster.








HAARP and Advances In Tesla Technology


HAARP (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program



In essence.. this shows that “they” can send a HF (high frequency) signal into the upper ionosphere with HAARP, and it “transforms” into a ULF ultra low frequency… and vice versa.. a LOW frequency modulates into the HIGH frequency!

I measure this square by using Google Earth. It measured 525.27 kilometers or 326.39 miles






 DBZ = Is a unit that measures how reflective a group of clouds is to radar from weather satellites. Generally, the higher the dBZ, the more severe the weather (in terms of rain, sleet, hail, etc). So in a patch of clouds, the max dBZ would tell you where the most severe weather is.



  DBZ = Is a unit that measures how reflective a group of clouds is to radar from weather satellites. Generally, the higher the dBZ, the more severe the weather (in terms of rain, sleet, hail, etc). So in a patch of clouds, the max dBZ would tell you where the most severe weather is.

















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