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The extreme measures you have to take when being constantly sprayed with chemicals from Geo Engineering.

Al Di Cicco, a Mohave County resident who has been tracking, studying, analyzing, and protesting governmental Geo Engineering operations. Al had blood test taken which concluded that Cicco has elevated aluminum, strontium, and barium levels in his bloodstream. Cicco also mentioned that he has subsequent liver damage linked to the covert Geo Engineering operations in progress over the Arizona skies


 Geo Engineering ( Chemtrails ) over Adelaide South Australia. January 17 2012

Got up for training this morning at 5am but I was not the only one. The sky started as a nice ocean blue with a temp today of 39C, well with in 2 hours it has gone milky grey for most of the sky after being hit by 2 tankers 30 minutes apart.

 You can just make out the chemtrail behind this grey milky sky.


 Another chemtrail slowly spreading and making its mark in our sky.

 Double hit this morning around 30 minutes  apart.

 This not your natural cloud formation









 You can see here how the chemicals from these aircraft are slowly turning what was a blue sky into overcast appearance.




 As you can see here how this sky has dirty appearance to it, also notice a chemtrail gong through.

 This is a huge chemtrail operation happening here and is totally not normal.

 Due to the amount of chemicals that are released into the air, what you also will notice is that it will block out the sun. This one of the agenda's the Government speaks about is to block the sun to cool the planet using " Geo Engineering " chemtrails as one of the ways.




The short trail you see here is known as a  Contrail which composed of water vapor. This occurs when warm air from the engines mix's with the cold air normally around -40C and below which then become ice crystals these normally dissipate within in 17 sec, tho some have lasted a coupled hours this depending on the atmospheric condition at the time.  If "contrails" by appearance transform into "clouds", it can be concluded that the material of composition is not water vapor. The conditions under consideration show that the ice crystals within a contrail can warm to the melting point and subsequently melt with the heat provided by solar radiation.

The rate of contrail dissipation is highly dependent upon the the size of the ice crystal particles and the amount of solar radiation. Dependence upon relative humidity is not evident. 'Cloud' formation from aircraft, should it occur, is dependent primarily upon the temperature, the relative humidity, and the type and size of aerosol particles(nuclei) that are introduced.

The long trail here is know as a Chemtrail. These will hang around for many hours they slowly spread wider over the hours and finally cover the sky in a milky umbrella. These have various chemicals in the ranging from Barium , Aluminum and many other particulate's





This radar anomaly was caught on December 15 2011. The spear was coming from the Darwin radar and reaching all the way to a Indonesia island. At the time the radar was operational, this was my first time to see a spear reach this distance. The distance from Darwin to the end of the spear was app 9oo Kilometers or 5oo miles this distance was measured using the Google ruler on Google Earth. First picture from the BOM radar the second picture taken from Google Earth.



 Map of Southeast Queensland water catchments (red) and location of primary
radars used during the CSRP (green circles). Radars from west-to-east are Marburg, CP2,
and Mt Stapylton.


 Map of all flight tracks for WXMOD (in season one).


 Map of all SEEDA1 ( aircraft ) flight tracks (in season one).


 Map of all SEEDA1 ( aircraft ) flight tracks (in season two).


 Map of Southeast Queensland water catchments (red) and location of primary
radars used during the CSRP (green circles). Radars from west-to-east are Marburg, CP2,
and Mt Stapylton.


TimeHist window showing a) the time history of storm: volume (gray), area (cyan), radar-estimated precipitation flux (green), radar-estimated mass (magenta) and vertically integrated liquid (VIL) (yellow); b) the time-height profile of storm reflectivity. The yellow line shows the storm top as estimated by the 18 dBZ contour. The numbers indicate the height of the maximum reflectivity over time; and c) various estimates of hail severity over time.



Review display, showing storms in the southern dual-Doppler lobe (yellow circles). Orange line shows aircraft flight track for SEEDA1. Yellow numbers over the storm area show the maximum radar reflectivity. Cyan lines outline the storm shape at the current time.







                      RADAR ANOMALY. SYDNEY AUSTRALIA NOVEMBER 9 20011

This radar anomaly was caught over Sydney Australia on the 9 of November 2011. At the time it was reported on the news that Morgan a town North of  Adelaide South Australia had severe flooding and power black outs. This area ( Sydney ) I would watch very carefully over the next 2-3 days, as when we see these rings we see severe weather hit the regions.




I caught this light beam on the Storm tracker site this morning. The light appeared it was coming inn land also you can see it has a outer ring followed by a inner ring. It also has a long light spear in the center, I  have not seen anything like this before and so I can not make my mine what it might be tho very interesting to say the least.




 Russian Woodpecker Duga Radar Array, Chenobyl, Ukraine

51°18'20.17"N, 30°04'02.60"E


The Soviets had been working on early warning radar for their anti-ballistic missile systems through the 1960s, but most of these had been line-of-sight systems that were useful for raid analysis and interception only. None of these systems had the capability to provide early warning of a launch, which would give the defenses time to study the attack and plan a response. At the time the Soviet early-warning satellite network was not well developed, and there were questions about their ability to operate in a hostile environment including anti-satellite efforts. An over-the-horizon radar sited in the USSR would not have any of these problems, and work on such a system for this associated role started in the late 1960s.

Even from the earliest reports it was suspected that the signals were tests of an over-the-horizon radar,[4] and this remained the most popular hypothesis during the Cold War. Several other theories were floated as well, including everything from jamming western broadcasts to submarine communications. The broadcast jamming theory was debunked early on when a monitoring survey showed that Radio Moscow and other pro-Soviet stations were just as badly affected by woodpecker interference as Western stations.

As more information about the signal became available, its purpose as a radar signal became increasingly obvious. In particular, its signal contained a clearly recognizable structure in each pulse, which was eventually identified as a 31-bit pseudo-random binary sequence, with a bit-width of 100 μs resulting in a 3.1 ms pulse.[5] This sequence is usable for a 100 μs chirped pulse amplification system, giving a resolution of 15 km (10 mi) (the distance light travels in 50 μs). When a second Woodpecker appeared, this one located in eastern Russia but also pointed toward the US and covering blank spots in the first system's pattern, this conclusion became inescapable.

In 1988, the Federal Communications Commission conducted a study on the Woodpecker signal. Data analysis showed an inter-pulse period of about 90 ms, a frequency range of 7 to 19 MHz, a bandwidth of 0.02 to 0.8 MHz, and typical transmission time of 7 minutes.

  • The signal was observed using three repetition rates: 10 Hz, 16 Hz and 20 Hz.
  • The most common rate was 10 Hz, while the 16 Hz and 20 Hz modes were rather rare.
  • The pulses transmitted by the woodpecker had a wide bandwidth, typically 40 kHz.





These triangular-shaped structures (pictured), which have been erected on a farm on the northern side of Range Rd West, Willunga Hill, are actually “rain-making” equipment.

Sydney-based company Australian Rain Corporation (ARC) and scientists from Queensland University are testing the curious technology down south.

The structures emit a dense field of negative ions into the atmosphere using high-voltage electricity, and are meant to create clouds that in turn produce rain.

ARC is owned by Sydney multi-millionaire and nephew of Rupert Murdoch, Matt Handbury and wife Clare and the company attracted some notoriety last year when former Liberal Environment Minister Malcolm Turnbull awarded ARC a $10 million grant to trial the rain-making technology, a month before the Federal Election.



















January 12th 2011. Adelaide South Australia. This was a strange day as it appeared the sky was on fire. 






November 7th 2010. Adelaide South Australia
















Adelaide South Australia. October 26th 2010



















October 19th 2010. Adelaide South Australia.
























September 15th 2010. This was one of the worst days for chemtrails I had seen. The sky looked at times it was on fire, it almost felt like the world was coming to a end. 

It was only a matter of a few hours to turn what was a clear blue sky into a milky polluted looking sky, that was not nice to breath. You could taste the metal on your lips while out here it was terrible.


Here a chemtrail is just taking hold of the sky. Tho you also can see how the rest of the sky is becoming dirty.


These chemtrails were sprayed at around 25,000 feet, and they went as far as the eye could see.


















Tanker doing another of what was many runs for the day.


August 13th 2010 Adelaide South Australia.

Here we can see how toxic the sky is. 


We can see here that the sky looking like its bubbling almost like a egg in a frying pan.

July 26th 2010. This was a busy day for chemtrail tankers all up we had 6 for the day, it did not take to long before the sky was a milky grey colour

We can see by this chemtrail how it starts to spread, with its toxic mix's of Alumunim and Barium.

The typical x-pattern we see during aerosol  spraying here in Australia and around the world.

This is great shot as you can see how fast it spreads. 





The following 9 pictures were taken on June 29 2010. On this day there was some very unusual cloud formations.






The following 3 picture were taken on Febuary 23 2010 after a heavy day of chemtrail spraying.

Halo picture taken on May 19th 2010 Adelaide, South Australia.



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